Krystal International Vacation Club Reviews Visits in Mazatlán

Krystal International Vacation Club is a top vacation provider located in Mexico, and there are many reasons why this can be said. Stunning resort accommodations are only some of why this can is so, although the staff strives to provide the utmost in comfort. There are also several amenities available on the resort properties located throughout Mexico, in cities like Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun.

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While spending time in Mazatlán, there are many different places to visit. Krystal International Vacation Club says that all those who will be in the area will want to plan to ensure they see everything they hope to.

The first recommendation that anyone should start out at is Hector’s Bistro. This restaurant is known for the best breakfast, with fresh homemade pastries, bread, delicious coffee and more. But the European-style dining spot also has delicious dishes all day, so be sure to stop by.

Krystal International Vacation Club shares sightseeing is one of the best parts of this city, and a high vantage point to do so is El Mirador. This lookout even shows off all the local divers who are known for being daredevils, jumping from such a high score. Another great place to enjoy sightseeing is Stone Island, also known as Isla de las Piedras.

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This is a beautiful beach that makes for the ideal location for a scenic horseback ride, so be sure to book one of the tours to do so if interested.

With so much to see and do in Mazatlán, Krystal International Vacation Club knows that everyone will have different tastes on choices. But one thing that nearly everyone who visits hopes to explore is Look Vintage and Modern Gallery. One of the premiere Mexican galleries showcases all kinds of local artists of the past and present, giving a unique glimpse into the culture.

Krystal International Vacation Club Reviews Visits in Mazatlán

The month of February is also home to several fun events, including one celebration that is one of the largest of its’ kind. Carnival 2016 will be taking place in Mazatlán, and there are many different parades, a fireworks festival as well as a king and queen competition that no one will want to miss. Krystal International Vacation Club shares there is no reason to wait—vacationers will find that something is going on in Mazatlán every day!

Remember with Krystal International Vacation Club the world as at your fingertips call to book your next adventure with KIVC.

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Krystal Resort Highlights How to Avoid Common Travel Scams

Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Team knows that many families are planning to take a vacation before summer is over. Family vacations are a great way to bond with your loved ones and learn more about one another. Family members can explore great new attractions and sites together that will make for lasting memories. While there are many benefits for traveling, there are also a variety of scams that tourists can be subject to. In order to make sure that you avoid these popular scams, be sure to check out these helpful tips.

  • Do your research: While there are many scams that can be found no matter what country you are in, there are some that occur in a specific country. Before you go out of the country, make sure that you do your research as to what scams are popular in that area. This will allow you to know what specific scams to watch out for.
  • Be aware: No matter where you are, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. When you are in a new destination, you can easily be distracted with all of the unfamiliar sites and sounds of the area. This is what scammers rely on, and that is how they easily pickpocket unsuspecting tourists. Make sure that you know who is around you at all times and don’t leave yourself in any vulnerable situations where you could easily be pickpocketed.
  • Just say no: Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Team shares that many scams involve people coming up to you and asking you to buy certain things or asking to do them a favor. Before you get too involved in a situation, just say no and walk away.

Krystal Resort Scam Squad Informs Associates of the “Ring” Scam

Krystal Resort scam squad informs associates of the “Ring” scam. Krystal Resort scam squad has been put directly into location to be able to assist users in steering clear of common frauds which occur whilst traveling. The purpose of this specific group is to inform customers to the most recent scams to ensure that people may avoid them and have the finest achievable time on their holidays. One of the more recent frauds which this particular scam squad has discovered might be very beneficial.

Krystal Resort scam squad has recently caught wind of a brand new scam which involves a straightforward gold band. Exactly what happens will be a tourist will stroll along the street where a local will inform them that they have dropped their particular ring. Upon closer inspection the traveler will certainly not claim the ring, because it isn’t theirs. Then the scam artist will inform them that the ring is real gold and a great value and definitely will offer to sell this amazing ring.

Krystal Resort scam squad informs travelers to be able to merely walk away from circumstances such as these. This scam artist did not just find this particular ring, it had been planted, and also it isn’t genuine gold. These kinds of con artists are just trying to take unsuspecting traveler’s funds. This is exactly why it really is vital for vacationers to just keep walking and certainly not humor them at all. In fact, in some countries, this whole procedure will be against the law and so the farther away you are from the scam artist the better.

Krystal Resort scam squad reminds customers that there are always people that can be looking to be able to take advantage of vacationers, therefore, be on your guard and you will get pleasure from your trip and not taken advantage of.

Krystal Resort Scam Awareness Squad– Watch out for all Types of Scams

Krystal Resort Scam Awareness Squad knows there are many people who come back from a vacation and have a story or two about how they were taken advantage of. If a traveler does not practice basic scam avoidance techniques, they could find themselves having one of these stories. The stories range from the obvious tricks to the ones that are not so obvious.

  • A pickpocket is an obvious problem for travelers. You need to be aware of your surroundings if you want to avoid this problem. Pickpockets will often work in teams where one person distracts the travelers while the other gets the prize.
  • An Automatic Teller Machine records the information when a card is swiped is a little less obvious. In order for these to work, the ATM’s have to be tampered with and something is added to them. Stick with ATM’s that are from banks and credit unions when traveling. This is the best way to practice scam avoidance.
  • Fake Timeshares can cost people a lot of money. Legitimate timeshares offer free vacations for people who are willing to come and listen to a sales pitch. The Krystal Resort Scam Awareness Squad says that the fake ones will also offer free trips, but they will try to collect money beforehand. Avoiding this scam requires patience and checking out the offer thoroughly.

Whether a scam is obvious or not so obvious, it is still up to the traveler to avoid it. The best way to do this is by learning the different ways that people are taking advantage of travelers before they take a trip as presented by Krystal Resort Scam Awareness Squad.

Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Squad Cautions about Bar Scams

Krystal Resort scam prevention squad understands that when you travel someplace, you will commonly want to have a drink or two. You might have found a bar that looks nice, and that has good prices. This however means that there might be a thief preying on visitors. The Krystal Resort scam prevention team warns that you should be careful in all establishments, big or small.

When you go to a bar, you usually drink alcohol. In your inebriation it is common to stop seeing the small details. You might be sitting at the bar itself and a multitude of strangers will be surrounding you. While you are drinking one of them might slip their hand and take your cellphone, wallet or keys. Before you realize that they are gone, the person will have paid their bill and walked casually out of the establishment.

This is why the Krystal Resort scam prevention squad offers advice to those who are newcomers to a given place and would like to have a drink or two. There is nothing wrong with drinking, but you need to always be mindful of your surroundings. It is highly advised that you keep all your precious items within your pockets and never leave them on the table or bar. Take out your cellphone only when you need it and then put it back into your pocket. Under no circumstances leave your things lying around when you are going to the bathroom or walking to another table for some reason.


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